Rufo's Famous Tapa in Pasay Menu

  • Longaniza P108.00
    • Sweet, juicy and with a distinctly garlicky flavor, this is the Pinoy version of the pork sausage done the Rufo's way. Served with fried egg
  • Tocino P123.00
    • Chunky tender morcels of Pampanga pork, marinated in pineapple sauce for a
  • Corned Beef - a la Rufo's P85.00
    • A generous serving of juicy corned beef, sauteed in onions, fried and served with farm-fresh scrambled egg
  • Burger Steak P79.00
    • Juicy home-made beef pattie smothered in tasty gravy with fried egg on the side
  • Embotido P85.00
    • A sumptuous combination of freshly-ground Laguna Pork sprinkled with raisins, herbs and seasonings is Rufo's version of the Pilipino meatloaf
  • Crispy Danggit P108.00
    • Delicious Danggit from Cebu, deep-fried and served extra crispy, perfectly complemented with a side order of tomato
  • Boneless Bangus P145.00
    • Fresh from Dagupan, this milkdish is submerged in a unique combination of flavors & spices before deep-fried to a crispy golden perfection
  • Chicken Barbeque P155.00
    • 1/4 Premium Chicken, bathed and pre-grilled in its essences before basted with a sweet tangy barbecue sauce
  • Pork Barbeque P120.00
    • Two sticks of soft, juicy pork, marinated and coated in a rich, tasty barbecue sauce
  • Liempo P168.00
    • Choice-cut pork, pre-grilled and flavored with Rufo's special home-made Liempo marinade. Served hot with a side order of sweet Liempo sauce
  • Sizzling T-Bone Steak P199.00
    • A hearty cut of T-Bone from the choicest Batangas beef, marinated in its succulent juices with soy sauce, garlic & butter, served piping-hot and sprinkled with bits of garlic on a sizzling plate
  • Lumpiang Shanghai P65.00
    • Delicious pork spring rolls fried crispy golden-brown, served with a rich sweet and sour sauce
  • Pork Chops P145.00
    • Prime cut pork, seasoned with Rufo's special spices, carefully fried to a golden brown, while locking in its natural flavors
  • Pinoy Beef Steak P120.00
    • Filipino-style beef steak, submerged in the flavors of soy, lemon, shallots with a tinge of freshly ground pepper
  • Chicken Tinola P120.00
    • Steaming Filipino chicken soup with a hint of ginger and locally-grown light spices. Rufo's Chicken Soup for the Pinoy Soul
  • Pork Sinigang P120.00
    • Prime pork spare ribs in ultra-sour tamarind soup with kangkong, onions and tomatoes
  • Sinigang na Bangus P123.00
    • Fresh Dagupan milkdish swimming in sour sampalok soup with leafy vegetables and flavorful spices
  • Pork Humba P120.00
    • Tender pork shank and cutlets slowly braised in spiced soy-pineapple juice and topped off with a sprinkling of banana blossoms
  • Chicken Adobo P115.00
    • Fresh chicken cuts carefully marinated and cooked in a flavorful traditional Adobo sauce
  • Bulalo P220.00
    • Juicy, beef shanks slow cooked to produce a flavorful broth with native pechay, sweet corn on the cob and Baguo beans, truly Souper
  • Tokwa't Baboy P115.00
    • Generous chunks of tofu deep-fried with delicious pork, slices and bathed in Rufo's sweet, sour and spicy Tokwa Dressing
  • Sizzling Sisig P158.00
    • The Philippines favourite pulutan contains the perfect blend of flavors and spices topped with farm fresh egg and served crackling in its own juices on a sizzling plate
  • Chopsuey P125.00
    • A flavorful Fil-oriental fusion of fresh garden vegetables, dried shrimp, chicken liver, beef, sesame oil and spices
  • Chicharon P60.00
    • Extra crispy deep-fried pork rind
  • Sizzling Chicken Sisig P158.00
    • Finely chopped cubes of fresh, juicy chicken flavored with special spices, onions and seasonings is the healthier version of our Pinoy Pulutan.Served scorching hot on a sizzling plate with farm-fresh egg on top
  • Beef Tapa Sandwich P79.00
    • Our konic Rufo's famaous tapa, now in a sesame seed bun. Tender, juicy Batangas beef topped with farm fresh egg and Baguo lettuce. More famous than any American roast beef sandwich
  • Spaghetti Bola-Bola P79.00
    • A delicious symphony of native flavors and spices blended into a Filippino spaghetti sauce. Sprinkled with grated cheese and topped with chunky Pinoy meatballs
  • Tapa Pizza P75.00
    • Rufo's famous tapa with strips of scrambled egg and zesty tomato paste on two crispy thin slices
  • Rufo Burger P69.00
    • Juicy home-made beef pattie served with tomato, Baguio lettuce and lathered with our sweet, Asian-inspired famous sauce, a perfect dish for people on the go
  • Sizzling Crispy Chicken P120.00
    • Southern fried chicken cooked to a pinoy style juicy crispness, sizzling in home-made gravy and buttered vegetables
  • Leche Flan P55.00
    • Milk caramel custard dessert
  • Black Sambo P49.00
    • A sumptuous gelatin fusion of native chocolate, milk and cream
  • Creamy Fruit Fiesta P45.00
    • Creamy fruit cocktail with crushed honey graham crackers
  • Salted Egg P55.00
    • w tomato
  • Oriental Cream Soup P48.00
    • Rich cream and egg soup with a mix of garlic, spring onions and authentic Asian seasonings
  • Garlic Fried Rice P20.00
    • White rice, fried in garlic and sprinkled with crunchy garlic bits
  • Plain Rice P18.00
  • Fried Egg P19.00
  • Extra Cheese P15.00
  • Atchara P10.00
  • Prawn Flakes P17.00
  • Gravy P7.00

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Rufo's Famous Tapa

Rufo's Famous Tapa



Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines








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Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
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