Cafe Marco - Marco Polo Plaza Cebu in Cebu City Menu


Nearby Sample Menus

  • Blueberry 150
  • Grilled Veggie Sandwich 245
    • Grilled vegetables in freshly baked ciabatta bread sided with honey balsamic greens and our own potato chips
  • Banana Nutella Crepe a la Mode 200
  • Parisian Macarons 36
  • Strawbery Tart 90
  • Mango Tart 85
  • Hickory Spareribs 260
    • Juicy pork spare ribs topped with Hickory BBQ sauce and sided with pan-roasted seasonal vegetables and your choice of steamed rice garlic rice or dinner rolls
  • Butter & Sugar Crepe a la Mode 125
  • Hamburg Bowl regular 149
  • Texas Maki 85
  • Vegas Maki 75
  • Gohan 35
  • Joe's Chicken Bowl Junior Regular 99/129
  • joe-za 8pcs/4pcs 130/65
  • California Maki 5pcs/10pcs 75/145
  • Ebi Tempura 3pcs/5pcs 129/199
  • Quezo Dip 20/35
  • Fish Fillet 105
  • House Fryes 65/120
  • Classic Churkey Hotdog 85
  • Sour Cream 10
  • Coney Salsa Dip 20/35
  • Churkey Burger 115
  • Sour Cream Dip 20/35
  • Sundaes 66
    • A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with your choice of chocolate or strawberry syrup. Topped with cream and cherry.
  • Classic Italian Sausage 206/324/483/273/422/536
    • Loaded with the finest classic Italian sausage, aged cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, onions and our special tomato sauce, perfect for Italian sausage lovers
  • Family Pack 547
    • Comes with 7 pieces chicken
  • Tropical Bacon 206/324/483/273/422/534
    • A taste of the islands: fresh pineapple paired with premium smoked bacon
  • Garlic Bread 94/88/82
    • The goodness of oven-baked bread, spread with garlic butter and sprinkled with bits of parsley. The perfect partner for pasta and soup
  • Basket of Belgian Fries 158
  • Pizza Bianca 206/324/483/273/422/536
    • Not your usual pizza! Creamy white sauce topped with natural cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, flavorful ham, button mushrooms, sprinkled with chopped green bell pepper and premium grated parmesan cheese
  • Tuna Caesar Salad 240/139
    • Tuna flakes topped with fresh lettuce and cucumber, topped with grated cheddar cheese and crunchy croutons. Served with creamy caesar dressing
  • Paa with Rice
    • Nuot sa ihaw sarap marinated chicken quarters. Skewered and grilled the Mang Inasal way served with a cup of rice
  • Pork BBQ
    • Two sticks of savory hot-off-the-grill pork barbecue served with a cup of rice
  • Crema de Leche Halo-Halo
    • A delightful, creamy concoction of milk and ice, topped with caramelized banana, macapuno and leche flan
  • Palabok
    • Noodles in thick rich sauce seasoned with chopped spring onions, hard-boiled egg slices, shrimp, chicharon bits, meaty pork and tinapa
  • Lumpiang Togue
    • Fried vegetable spring roll of Mung Bean sprout, Camote, Carrots, Baguio Beans and Tokwa. Lumpiang Togue is sliced diagonally in half and served with Special Suka
  • Bangus Sisig
    • Scrumptious Bangus chunks served with a cup of rice
  • Leche Flan
    • Rich custard glazed with caramelized sugar
  • 1pc Pork BBQ
    • Savory hot-off-the-grill pork barbecue stick served with a cup of rice
Cafe Marco - Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Cafe Marco - Marco Polo Plaza Cebu



Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City








Opened hours

9:50 AM a 10:10 AM (Seg),10 AM a 8 PM (Ter-Dom)
price range






service level





American , Asian , Dessert , Italian , Japanese



Luxury Dining

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City